A Rightious Man Obeys!

Genesis 7:1-24

Imagine being out at sea on a ship or boat of some sort for a few days or try even a week! This last summer I was on a ship/boat for about a week. This thought dawned on me months later and I thought hmm you know when I was on my cruise I felt a little like Noah on the Ark for the fact your on the ocean, no land for miles for a while, the big open sea. Waves crashing against the ship as it’s sailing through. At night it can get choppier and I think when the waves are choppier you can feel the movement of the boat at times slightly more. It’s an interesting feeling, especially when you're on land. You can still feel for a few days that you're on the boat still at times. It took me a little while to adjust back to land mode.

Of course, I’m sure the Ark wasn’t as fancy as a cruise ship or the Titanic, Noah and his crew were on there for 150 days! What could they do for 150 days on the ocean?? I’d think they would have more time to talk with God more besides keeping the ark clean and feeding animals. Seeing the size of a cruise ship or any huge ship for that matter is incredible that it can hold so many people! Imagine the Ark the size that we will soon find out about that held animals and Noah’s family.

Genesis 6:14-16 talks about the dimensions of the Ark. Some interesting fun facts to compare how long the Ark would be to imagine the size of it!

  • The Ark was twice as long as an early Boeing 747-100B airliner.
  • It would take nearly one and a half football fields to equal the Ark’s length.
  • Sixty-two Smart Cars parked bumper to bumper would stretch from the Ark’s bow to stern.
  • NASA could lay three space shuttles—nose to tail—upon the Ark’s deck.
  • To float the Ark in an Olympic size swimming pool, you’d need to line up three of these large pools.
  • The Ark would be well over one and a half times the length of a WWII Gato class submarine, or looked at another way, nearly half the length of a modern Nimitz class aircraft carrier!
  • Noah’s Ark was a bit longer than twelve, forty-foot telephone poles laid end to end.
  • Using the standard boxcar, it would require lining up ten of them to equal the Ark’s length.

As interesting as this is and all God gave Noah orders and instructions to build this Ark and gather a pair of animals of every kind and his family.because of the flood that was coming to wipe out the entire earth! We talked at youth group one time a bit or mentioned about obedience in a devo, being obedient to what God calls you to do for Him (God). Noah was someone who was also obedient to God. I’m sure he had rough days that were up and down building the Ark. People made fun of him as well doing this, I’m sure it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes when we feel discouraged about our day, I know when I do at times I don't feel like it either, but sometimes I push myself to try. Noah kept at it and kept on pushing Himself to strive to complete this task he was given. He was like sure, ok. God was patient and waited for him to be done building and rounding up animals and his family. The bible says he was also a righteous man.

What does it mean to be righteous? My concordance/dictionary says of God, an absolute quality of moral standards; of man, a limited or relative quality, corresponding to a standard of rightness or obligations to God and other persons;

In other words, doing what is morally right. Especially in God's eyes and for God. For a guy that is 600 years old to have finished the ark takes quite a bit faith and patients. God knew he would obey His commands.

What are some things you can think of that you are or can do that is righteous, doing what is right? and what can you do to obey God?

1 John 2:28-29

Be like Christ, do the right thing. Treat people right if you don't already, don’t steal if you have been or tempted to. There are so many things that we may have the right to do, but morally should we? Is that what God wants or us and the world? Sometimes you might get mocked or made fun of in this world for doing something right in God’s eyes, but know this he will reward you in Heaven for obeying His instructions.

99 bibles…

You may know that famous traveling song of 99 bottles of whatever, what if we put a Christian twist on it? It be quite interesting and maybe a thought to take our Bible off the shelf more often! This is my version of it, be interesting what you may come up with in your travels!

"99 bibles on the shelf, 99 bibles of God’s word, take one down, pass it around, 98 bibles left on the shelf." 

 And so on until you get down to 1!

"No more bibles on the shelf, no more bibles to pass around, go to the bookstore and buy some more, 99 bibles of God’s word on the shelf!"



Hey!! It's been awhile and so so long from doing a post. It's been hard to try bounce back to do something cool on here when you feel emotionally up and down in life's storms that come. Alot of my storms can sometimes more often than most involve people…. I'm not one that grows stronger with negativity, in fact I just end up pulling away. God I will never pull away from because He never leaves me. Forgive me for not being consistent like I should be. I did renew for another year just incase there is something awesome that I can share with you all! 

Jesus Freak Cruise!

Last month I went on a Christian cruise with my cousin, aunt, and uncle. It was really awesome! Got to see DC Talk play live, the gang that made up the crew had also their bands like Toby Mac, the Newsboys and afew others that either wrote some songs with different members of the crew at different times in life. There was also talking sessions that happened along the trip. My cousin and I were able to make it to 2 of them, as there is so much to do and see on a crusie! endless amounts of food! and things to do!

Even got to stop at the Bahamas Nassu and Half Moon Cay, there you could do some exscrusions if you've booked ahead of time. We didn't do any as we wanted ot do our own looking around and shopping and just enjoying God's creation! It's also a holiday can certaily do what you feel like doing! Check these out for your enjoyment. 


Jesus Freak Cruise 2017

About the Tigger’nator!

I figure it's about time to add an about page to this site! Most sites typically have one and maybe I don't have to necessarily need to. It's been about 4 yrs ago since I started up this blog, almost the end of August 2013. It's interesting how this started. I was going through a rough time that year with some church drama and felt like things just fell apart in my life, youth group had been ripped out my hands. Not only me but my other fellow leaders had been pushed out too. We weren't able to lead youth group. 

Near the end of the summer God put this thought afew times on my mind to do some blogging. I did do some blogging back in the day of my high school years, but that was when “My Space” was cool or something through Microsoft stuff. I didn't really keep up with MySpace much, but tried with my Microsoft one then I didn't do to much with it as much later. With this one God put the thought in my mind again and at the same time my friend said something too if I was interested in blogging! That was perfect timing, he helped get me started with his website tech. skills! 

This website promotes God and to share God's love with the world whomever reads this…obviously! 🙂 hopefully God's word can be encouraging and inspiring to one another to bring you and others closer to Christ! The bible talks about encouraging one another, and when we can encourage one another through Christ everybody wins, but most of all God wins. He is the one we should always glorify! 

Afew things about the blogger, her nickname is Tigger online, hence the name the Tiggernator! I love God and have a passion to share it anyway possible! Loves doing youth group and helps lead a group of young teens at church, as well as being part of the Youth Explosion committee for an event that happens yearly in our town. yevulcan.com 

Outside of youth group I work 3 other jobs: Support worker for Special Needs alot of them  are young adults along with the odd teen and child. I also do some cleaning at an elementary school after my main job mentioned for abit. My 3rd job is an Analyst for a tech. site bcchardware.com where I’m their local photoshopper, app reviewer as well as I get to “test” and write about some techy products! My jobs are pretty fun, and sometimes busy like any job can be. 

So what does this girl do, especially for fun? All work and no play makes Tigger a dull girl! I certainly love to kick back and play some video games and some crafting. When I'm tired and played out I watch movies and some TV, I'm pretty bad for binge watching Netflix… You know how it is! Lol, I also like snapping pictures, some casual photography – I don't do it as often as I like to, but when I find an opportunity or inspiration to I give a shot! Speaking of shots I casually like to shoot targets and gophers…. Yea some of you thinking, but they so cute! Why? Because I'm helping the farmers out with pest control and it's just fun! I do spend time on the web as well, sometimes for social sometimes for research and ideas for crafting and sometimes for downtime. 

There's alot of things that I may have picked up and dropped over the years, not many things change with me, but spending time with God and spending time with family and my bestests friends that care doing whatever, chatting and laughing about whatever. Those I will never drop, time with people and God are my favorite things in the world and important to me!! 🙂 I love having a fun good time! 

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea of me in a nutshell and my blog, my posting will certainly take care of the rest to glorify God and tell about Him. I may not post everyday, but when I do get inspired I try to post up something!